Water Kits Supply : The Water Toolbox

Water Kits Supply has developed and distributed water testing solutions since 1999.

Today the company has more than 400 clients, amongst which include the world's most renowned companies concerning the treatment of water; Veolia, Vivendi, Suez …

Water Kits Supply clients are present not only in France and the whole of Europe, but also from Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil and Mexico.

Since 1999, the company has sold several hundreds of thousands of reagents in all sectors of activity where water quality is at stake for example :

  • Industrial sector (Tests on Industrially polluted water are the most technically elaborated tests)
  • agribusiness hygiene (meat and fish carving workshop, dairies …)
  • industrial laundries and dishwashers
  • food and beverage hygiene
  • medical sector (boiler room water, dialysis water, disinfection material …)
  • horticulture, fish farming, fish breeding
  • swimming pool water
  • environmental pollution

Water Kits Supply
main 3 objectives

To sell safe and environmentally friendly products to Mankind

Today, nearly 100% of Water Kits Supply products are already exempt from toxic risks, CMR, inflammables

Simplify the tests for the end user

Water Kits Supply reduces the number of necessary reagents (for some tests, 1 reagent instead of 6) with benefits for the end User (time saving, costs reduction) and for the environment (less packaging)

Guaranteed 100% reliable solutions

The Water kits solutions are the only 100 % guaranteed testing solutions however poor the water quality is, even industrially polluted water.

Water Kits Supply does not sell products, but creates solutions.

Its advantages:

  • Advice: Water Kits Supply is currently the only company in France to offer testing solutions tailor-made for each type of use.
  • Responsiveness and fast deliveries
  • Innovation and creation: non CMR chloride indicator, measuring water hardness, molybdates and total alkalinity with a single reagent (instead of 3 to 6 normally) etc.
  • Cost-efficient solutions, since they are sized as needed.

Building on these strengths and the trust of several major groups, the company continues to expand and increases its turnover every year.

But Water Kits Supply remains faithful to 3 objectives:

  1. To distribute products that are safe for humans and the environment
  2. To simplify testing for end users
  3. To ensure that the testing solutions work for all qualities of water

Emmanuel Dalmas, founding manager of Water Kits Supply

Emmanuel Dalmas founded Water Kits Supply in 1999, near Tarbes, at the foot of the French Pyrenees. Since then, he has been constantly developing the company.

He has always worked in the chemistry sector. Before founding Water Kits Supply, he managed several water analysis companies and held various positions as sales manager within large chemical companies, including the world’s leading pool water testing company.

As a high level chess player, Emmanuel Dalmas is always looking for the right method for «the right solution».

He believes that chemistry today can and must develop products that are both effective and safe for humans and the environment.

«In terms of testing water quality, we are only at the beginning.
We need to work today to create the solutions of tomorrow…»

Emmanuel Dalmas, founding manager of Water Kits Supply

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